Shane Vaughn Teaches: The 144,000 Revealed Part 1 of 2

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Shane Vaughn
1 year
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In this weeks edition of Zion's Calls, Evangelist. Shane Vaughn teaches the Bride of Christ exactly what the meaning of 144,000 actually is based on his years of study into biblical numerology. In this brief 30 minute teaching Bro. Vaughn removes all the carnal explanations and seeks to reveal by the mind of the Spirit the true and highest meaning of this mysterious number 144,000 as referenced in the book of Revelation. This particular subject has held the minds of Gods people for centuries as many have given various carnal reasoning's such as; these are literal Jews and this is a literal number of people who will be used as Evangelist in the reign of Christ. However, when reading the Book of Revelation the key to interpreting this spiritual book is to use spiritual discernment in identifying the symbols of this book. It is our desire that under this anointed teaching your eyes will also be enlightened and that you will ponder these scriptures and in your own study come to understand the true and spiritual meaning of 144,000 rather than the carnal reasoning of the masses.

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