why we begin our omer count on the 8th day after the resurrection rather than the 1st day after

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Shane Vaughn
1 year
When does the official count for the Omer begin? Traditionally, most begin counting from "Ressurection Sunday" but here at First Harvest Ministries, we actually begin counting a week later... WHY? We truly believe from much study that this is the only biblical way to count as this brief teaching video will explain. Most of Christianity celebrated the last day of First Fruits 2 Sundays ago, and most of the Hebrew roots community celebrated it last Sunday... So, why are waiting till this coming Sunday, June 3rd to celebrate? If you truly desire to know, when you watch, I honestly believe you will never count the Omer the same way again.... may you continue on your journey of understanding the beauty of the count with this teaching video from First Harvest Ministries