Shane Vaughn Teaches: Over 200 Biblical Unitarian Scriptures

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Shane Vaughn
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Is the baby born to Mary literally YAWEH? Is this man, anointed of Yahweh actually YAHWEH HIMSELF as so many in the divine flesh doctrine teach? Was this man, the Son of God or God the Son? How do we make sense of so many conflicting scripture on this subject? Is Yahshua Yahweh or is He the Son of Yahweh? Is He in the Godhead or is the Godhead in Him?

How could He make such statements as "Before Abraham was I Am" if He is not Yahweh? The original Apostolic message from men such as G.T. Haywood was "The Mighty God IN Christ" however the message seems to have changed over the years to "The Mighty God IS Christ" WHAT DO THE SCRIPTURES TEACH US? In this video.. we do nothing but read scriptures and let YOU DECIDE.

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